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Pet, animal companion or member of the family?

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Hi everyone, Toffee the cat here.

I often don't pay too much attention to the ramblings of the humans but they were having an interesting discussion today about how people look at the cats that share their lives.

Are we 'pets' or are we 'animal companions'? Are they 'owners'. Can you really own a cat anyway?

Well my view is that I'm part of the family, I provide companionship. I'm there on the sofa when they are watching TV, reading a book, whatever. Well mostly I'm climbing all over them being a total menace but lets pretend that I am better behaved than that!

I'm in the kitchen 'helping' when someone is cooking. A cat wandering around the kitchen when someone is carrying hot pots and pans is always a good thing.

When someone is on their computer I'm right there helping. I find a position just in front of the screen is normally perfect. On the keyboard is even better. Attacking mice (I find mouse cables a particular source of fun) is always a winning strategy.

I'm on the bed at night purring loudly and taking up lots of space. Keeping them company. Lying in the most inconvenient spot you can find.

When they are having a bad day I'm available to be stroked and brushed to provide a distraction. I'm willing to be picked up and cuddled. Carried around with them.

It has to be said that I also sometimes seem to be a source of amusement due to some of the positions that I choose to sleep in. To me - sensible positions. To the humans it is all 'Oh, look how silly Toffee looks'.

So I'm here, I amuse them, I distract them, I'm really good company, I purr a lot.

At the end of their rambling conversation their final view was that I'm an important member of the family. And quite right too!



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