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  • Toffee the Cat

Toffee - the Cat in Charge?

Hello there - it's Toffee the Cat here.

Just so you know, for reasons I cannot explain, the humans sometimes also call me -

  • Mr Toffs - I quite like that as it seems quite respectful.

  • Toffelino - for days when I appear, for no reason at all, to become an Italian cat. If I was treated to some glorious Italian catering on those days that would be less strange and disconcerting as a title however it just appears to be another sign that the humans are bonkers.

  • McToff - for those days when they seem to think that I have suddenly developed some Scottish ancestry. Given that I am from Shepton Mallet in Somerset that seems a tad unlikely really! Yet to see any turnips and neeps on Scottish days either. Or a tartan collar for that matter. Or haggis.

Anyway I'm a large, very smart, toffee coloured cat and I am running the show around here. The humans are under the impression that they are somehow in control but really we all know that I am the boss.


So welcome to my blog. I'll be speculating about life, love, the universe, funny stuff that I have found on Twitter and, strangely enough, cooking which seems to be something the humans have got very interested in recently. Some of it seems a bit experimental and a lot is bread related.

I'll be back again soon.

Toffee ^_._^

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