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Cute points. What are they? Are they a good thing?

Cute points are what you get when you do something cute. Simple really!

Store up the cute points against future misdemeanours so when you do something really bad the humans will remember that you have cute points saved up and forgive your transgression. So yes they are a good thing indeed!

So how do you earn a 'cute point'? Really easy this part ...

  • Position yourself somewhere silly. Cardboard boxes are usually an excellent choice for this. Preferably a box that is far too small. Wait for the humans to coo over how funny you look. See the example below! Pocket a cute point.

  • Drape yourself over a chair with your legs hanging off a bit. This often leads to speculation that you may be about to fall off. Pretend to have a bit of a panic and quickly rearrange yourself to look safer (make sure they are looking first). Look cute doing it. Pocket a cute point.

  • Find a bag to get into, as usual the smaller the better for full comedic effect. Make sure your tail is hanging out so that they see you. No point doing cute things if they don't notice. Pocket a cute point.

  • Hide somewhere (behind sofas, under beds) and then surprise them by suddenly pouncing out, prance around a bit, put on a show. Pocket a cute point.

  • Have a panel fence in the garden? Do a gymnastics beam display for them, some sort of four legged pirouette (no idea if that actually works!) but you get the idea. Drape yourself over the fence and have a doze. Look cute.

  • Lie upside down with your legs in the air. That's it. Works with my humans. They think it is very funny indeed. Easiest way ever to bag a cute point.

You get the idea. Really when you are as cute looking as me it's not the hardest job to get the points. And with a little bit of effort I always have cute points in the bag for when I do something really bad.

Toffee ^-.-^

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